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The SAPOL Restorative Engagement Program

"In a 30 year career, the REP has been the most promising, positive and supportive focus that has ever happened about SAPOL's treatment of staff and culture of sexual harassment and abuses.  It's the first time I have ever known the matters to be genuinely truly heard and understood - that's meaningful.  I'm feeling incredibly grateful for the REP establishing such a professional and independent process to start addressing the appalling behaviours of SAPOL" - REP Participant.


The Restorative Engagement Program (REP) is a unique opportunity for people who have worked at SAPOL within the last 10 years who have experienced some form of sex discrimination or sexual harassment.

It's a chance for you to tell your story in a safe, confidential environment; have your experiences acknowledged by a specially-trained senior leader from SAPOL; and contribute to the ongoing change within SAPOL to address sex discrimination, sexual harassment and predatory behaviour by sharing your ideas for strategic change.  The program is available to both sworn and unsworn, current or former, employees (eligibility criteria apply).

This program:

• is a complainant-centric program; the overriding principle is that ‘no further harm be done’

will not involve the alleged perpetrator

• is voluntary and consent can be withdrawn at any time;

• is strictly confidential;

• does not supersede any other complaint mechanisms available to you.

The program is modelled on a similar initiative implemented for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) that has proven beneficial to many people who suffered abuse within the ADF.

More information is available on:


Information about the process

What happens during the program

Privacy protection

How to apply


You can find out more by contacting the REP directly on 08 8207 1977 or email RestorativeEngagement@sa.gov.au for a confidential chat.


"(The REP Team) were enormously sensitive and set me at ease, and facilitated all I had wished to present in a very professional manner that was converted into achievable goals.  The manner and attitude of the SAPOL rep towards my information and story was compassionate, mature and highly supportive - I was lucky to have a SAPOL rep who seemed to have a compassionate and genuine interest to make changes.  He delivered what appeared as a truly genuine apology for harm caused and was deeply respectful and listening" - REP Participant.

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