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The SAPOL Restorative Engagement Program

The Restorative Engagement Program is a unique opportunity for people who have worked at SAPOL within the last 10 years who have experienced some form of sex discrimination or sexual harassment.

It's a chance for you to tell your story in a safe, confidential environment; have your experiences acknowledged by a senior leader from SAPOL; and contribute to the ongoing change within SAPOL to address sex discrimination, sexual harassment and predatory behaviour.

This program:

• is a complainant-centric program; the overriding principle is that ‘no further harm be done’

will not involve the alleged perpetrator

• is voluntary and consent can be withdrawn at any time;

• is strictly confidential;

• does not supersede any other complaint mechanisms available to you.

The program is modelled on a similar initiative implemented for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) that has proven beneficial to many people who suffered abuse within the ADF.

More information is available on:


Information about the process

What happens during the program

Privacy protection

How to apply

You can find out more by contacting the REP directly on 08 8226 0350 or