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Race discrimination is treating people unfairly because of their race, which includes their colour, country of birth, ancestry, or nationality. It is also racial discrimination to treat people unfairly because of the race of their relatives, friends or workmates.

Cyber-racism forum


8 September 2015

The South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission is hosting a cyber-racism forum in Adelaide tomorrow, 9 September.

Equal Opportunity Commissioner, Anne Gale, noting that the incidence of cyber-racism is on the rise, said the forum would provide an important and unique opportunity to share ideas on how to combat cyber-racism in the community.

National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week 2015


National Sorry Day – Tuesday 26 May

Harmony Day 2015


March 21 is the 15th anniversary of Harmony Day in Australia – a day where we encourage the motto that “Everyone belongs”.

I recently signed up as a supporter of Recognise, the campaign to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia’s Constitution.  This is a unique opportunity for our nation to stand strong, proud and respectful in who we are, where we have come from, and where we can go together in the future.

Harmony Day 2014


Harmony Day – 21 March 2014

Harmony Day is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity. It is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world. Harmony Day is an Australian Government programme and coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

SA signs up to national anti-racism campaign


South Australia became the first state to sign up to the National Anti-Racism Strategy on 10th December - World Human Rights Day.

South Australia's Premier Jay Weatherill committed SA to the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign which encourages all Australians to take a stand against racism.

Reconciliation Week Message


As we welcome National Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June 2013) , I urge all South Australians to think about what they can do to bring an end to racism. Reconciliation Week is a chance for us to not only reflect on and celebrate how far we have come in Australia in our journey towards reconciliation but also to remember how important it is to continue to work together to achieve equal opportunity for all Australians and to eliminate racism.

Combating racism through sport


International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination message

Today, 21 March 2013, in Australia we celebrate our diversity with Harmony Day, and focus on the message ‘everyone belongs’. Harmony Day coincides with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This year’s theme is ‘Racism and Sport’; a problem which continues to cause concern in many parts of the world, and at times here in Australia. The theme also highlights the positive role that sports can play in combating race discrimination.

Anti-racism consultations


Anti-racism consultations continue in Adelaide

SBS Podcast - 26 April 2012

A series of national consultations is being held until the end of May to canvass community views about how and why racism occurs, and what to do about it.

It's part of a bid by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission to tackle the underlying causes of racism.

The results will help inform a national anti-racism strategy due by the end of the year.

Australian and New Zealand Race Relations Roundtable


Acting Commission, Anne Burgess, attended the Australian and New Zealand Race Relations Roundtable from 16-17 April 2012. See below for a Communique from the Australian Human Rights Commission about the Roundtable:

Hotel staff guilty of race discrimination

District Court Judge Susanne Cole has upheld a complaint of racial discrimination against the Ceduna Community Hotel.

In a decision delivered in the Equal Opportunity Tribunal on 15 December, Judge Cole found the hotel had discriminated against Joylene Haynes because of her race. Judge Cole ordered the hotel to pay Ms Haynes $3000 in compensation.

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