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Chiefs for Gender Equity profile - Con Tragakis

Chairman, KPMG South Australia Con Tragakis

Con is a proactive leader in the South Australian business community. In his role as Chairman of Partners, KPMG South Australia, he provides advice on economical and non-economical issues regarding the current and future prosperity of the State.

Con’s particular areas of expertise focuses on advisory services to the Property and Infrastructure sectors as well as Financial Service institutions, where he has over 20 years experience providing advisory services to a variety of private and public companies. Con specializes in the infrastructure and property Sectors, structured financial arrangements and mergers, and acquisitions.

More recently, Con has providing advice to Government clients on a range of engagements, including reform of Neighborhood Infrastructure Funding arrangements to the Economic Development Board (2012). Con’s engagements routinely involve senior executive and Cabinet level stakeholder engagement, working across government to deliver pragmatic ‘joined-up’ advice to clients.

Con has been involved in a number of high profile advisory roles including:

  • Advisor to Government on economic outcomes arising from the 30 Year plan;
  • Partner on the SA Government Public Sector Renewal Program;
  • Advising on Australia’s Future Tax System Review (the Henry Review), the effects on the budget and how this can impact upon the Property Sector;
  • Advisory services towards the successful completion of property developments and NRAS applications;
  • Advisor to financial institutions including Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, People’s Choice Credit Union, RAA Insurance and Medical Insurance Group Australia.
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