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Chiefs for Gender Equity profile - David Martin

Managing Partner, Finlaysons David Martin

“At Finlaysons we consider ourselves to be leaders in the legal profession in a number of areas and in a number of ways. Given that a very significant number of our key people are, of course, women, we also want to set a leadership example in the legal profession in relation to the retention and promotion of women.

My involvement with the Chiefs for Gender Equity gives me an opportunity and an obligation to set that leadership example”.

David is Managing Partner of prominent South Australian legal firm Finlaysons, and is recognised as one of South Australia’s leading property development and real estate lawyers.

In addition to providing strategic, commercial and innovative legal advice for a wide range of clients in the property and development sector (including listed corporations, joint ventures, government development authorities, plus a range of privately held property developers and commercial entities), as Managing Partner David provides leadership to all of the Finlaysons teams, including guiding strategic direction and constant improvement and innovation.

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