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Taking action

What you do to resolve a complaint depends on what the person complaining wants to happen and the nature of their complaint.

If it is a serious claim like assault or stalking, you need to involve the police or a lawyer.

Some complaints will need to be dealt with by your formal procedure.

Or you can take simple steps to deal with the complaint internally, including:

  • stopping the offensive behaviour without making judgments
  • removing anything offensive – graffiti, posters, screen savers
  • discussing support options with both sides
  • asking them to consider meeting to conciliate
  • monitoring the situation to ensure offensive behaviour is not happening
  • monitoring to ensure neither party is victimised
  • letting all staff know how you expect them to behave in the workplace

Make sure that you:

  • make brief notes of your actions
  • keep the staff involved informed of any action you take
  • maintain confidentiality.

Discuss any continuing problems with your senior management, human resource department or seek advice from the Equal Opportunity Commission.

Let staff know where else they can get help - for example, employee assistance programs, the Equal Opportunity Commission, WorkCover and SafeWork SA.

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