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Conciliation is bringing people together to settle a problem. This can offer a satisfactory outcome for all.

The conciliator will help both the person making the complaint and you, to try to reach an agreement. The conciliator can't impose a settlement.

Conciliation Conference

This is a face-to-face meeting held by the conciliator with the people directly involved in the complaint.

The meeting is an opportunity to:

  • talk about the matter and look for ways to resolve it
  • discuss openly, as nothing said or done can be used in further proceedings
  • reach an agreement without admission of liability
  • resolve the problem impartially and confidentially.

Conciliation is a good way to reach agreement. It is faster and cheaper than legal action, and gives both sides some control over the outcome.

We have produced a short video about the conciliation conference process that you can view by clicking the link below.

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