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Developing a complaint procedure

Discrimination and harassment problems are best resolved internally.

Complaints vary in severity and complexity, and allegations may be admitted or denied. The best way for you to ensure consistent and fair handling of all inappropriate behaviours, is to have a good complaint procedure along with your equal opportunity policy or statements.

A complaint procedure needs to be user-friendly, and make people feel confident in the process, to be effective.

Your complaint procedure should:

  • be clearly documented, easily understood and accessible to all staff
  • offer options for resolving complaints, including formal and informal procedures
  • guarantee a fast, fair and confidential process
  • be administered by trained people
  • step through the process
  • outline records to be kept
  • guarantee protection from being victimised for complaining
  • advise people where to get more help
  • be reviewed regularly for effectiveness.

Staff need to know that they can contact us for advice at any time. You can also contact us for advice if you are unsure how to handle a complaint.

You can download a complaint procedure template below to use as a starting point. Adapt the template to suit your business.

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