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Job descriptions

To get the best person for a job, employers need to clearly state the skills and experience they are seeking.

Position descriptions or job specifications should not directly or indirectly discriminate against a person because of their

unless it interferes with their ability to do the job.

When describing a job, avoid making assumptions about the type of person who would best suit the role.

When you write a job description:

  • state the job purpose and outline the duties
  • detail the essential qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience required
  • be specific about the person requirements in relation to the job
  • distinguish between essential and desirable selection criteria
  • rank the criteria in order of importance to help separate the best applicants
  • detail restrictions or conditions such as overtime or needing a car
  • state who the job reports to and who reports to the job
  • use plain English
  • translate or publish it in large print or audio format if appropriate.

Ask applicants to directly address each of the job's selection criteria. This will help you objectively compare applications.

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