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Inducting new staff

Introducing new staff into your business with a proper induction helps to establish a positive work environment.

Induction gives your staff a chance to get to know the job, the people they will be working with, your policies and procedures and your expectations in the workplace.

A good induction will:

  • give new staff information directly related to the job
  • explain your business goals and values, their duties and responsibilities, employment conditions and reporting lines
  • provide a mentor for more information and follow up
  • ensure information is accessible
  • introduce new staff to their colleagues and explain their roles
  • encourage questions
  • ensure new staff know how to get help
  • give new staff your policies and procedures and make sure they understand them
  • make reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities or cultural differences.

After induction, new staff need to understand:

  • the importance of preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • health and safety procedures such as reporting of hazards and incidents, including discrimination and harassment
  • the procedures for dealing with complaints
  • who their equal opportunity contact person is
  • your policies for flexible working conditions
  • opportunities for training and promotion.

You or a senior member of staff can meet with new staff regularly for the first few weeks to make sure they are settling into the job and the workplace.

If any issues arise, identify and resolve them quickly.

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