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Customer service tips

Good service encourages customer loyalty and is a way to stand out from your competitors. It is one of your greatest assets and it doesn't need to cost anything. Here are some tips for good customer service.

  1. Smile and treat all customers well. Greet them and ask if they need help. Don't assume what people want or how much they will spend based on how they look.
  2. Meet different customers' needs. Good service is meeting their needs while being friendly and accommodating. For example, a person in a wheelchair may need you to rearrange seating.
  3. Understand that serving customers is your top priority.  Make sure they are attended to before returning to other tasks.
  4. Know your product.  Understand your products and services, and your policies such as return policies.  Nothing wins customer confidence more.
  5. Make customers, not sales.  Focus on being helpful even if you might not make an immediate sale.  Happy customers are more likely to return and may also recommend your business to others.
  6. Deliver what you promise. Failing to deliver will almost certainly result in lost customers and reputation. If you can't fulfil a promise, offer some type of compensation, such as free delivery.
  7. Act professionally. Be friendly but not inappropriate. Respect people's boundaries and personal space. For example, some customers will not like being touched or called names like 'dear' or 'sweetheart'.
  8. Inform your customer. Keep them informed of your systems and processes. If they don't understand they will get impatient and angry. For example, if a customer has to go to another counter to process a refund, make sure they know it will be more efficient. Keep them informed about the progress of sales, services or repairs.
  9. Apologise.  If things go wrong, make sure the customer knows you are sorry and want them to have the best possible experience under the circumstances.  Most customers don't like to complain so treat them with respect.
  10. Resolve problems quickly. Encourage customers to come forward with problems. Know how to deal with them. Treat complaints seriously, fairly and quickly.  Research shows that the chance of repeat business can go up 95 percent when complaints are resolved on the spot.

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