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Improving your service

If you are losing customers, or not increasing your customer base, you may need to improve your service.

Identify who in your business has contact with your customers. It is vital that these staff understand how to serve them well.

Businesses may not always be able to give their staff customer service training. Providing them with information, such as customer service tips, and a customer service charter, is a quick and inexpensive way to pass on the important points.

Treat your front-line staff well and support them in handling complaints, by having a complaint handling policy and procedure. Being able to deal with complaints effectively helps both customers and staff.

Good customer service is a whole experience, from the moment the customer walks in or makes contact.

Make sure they feel welcomed and valued at every stage. Be mindful when you interact with customers, and think about how you can improve your relations. Take care when:

  • responding to telephone calls and emails
  • providing product and service information
  • taking orders
  • discussing service requirements and options
  • billing and managing payments.

You can seek further support or training from your industry organisation or business association.

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