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Dealing with difficult customers

There can be times when you would prefer particular customers to leave your business.  For example, a customer might repeatedly harass your staff or tamper with merchandise or displays.

Take care dealing with difficult customers.  If you want them to leave, make sure it is because of their behaviour, not because of a personal characteristic such as age, association with a child, caring responsibilities, chosen gender, disability, marital or domestic partnership status, pregnancy, race, sex, sexuality, spouse or partner’s identity, or you could be unlawfully discriminating.

Keep in mind that, just as staff may not sexually harass your customers, equally the customer is not entitled to sexually harass your staff. If you become aware that this is happening, or if a worker reports this to you, you are legally required to take reasonable steps to ensure that this does not recur.

This section gives you information on how to deal with difficult customers.

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