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Complaint handling checklist

Here is a checklist for complaints that you can display to remind customers and staff of your commitment to handling complaints fairly:

All businesses get complaints - it's the way you handle them that makes you stand out.

  • Listen, say sorry and thank the customer for letting you know.
  • Record details in a complaints book or file – read it back to the customer to be sure you've understood.
  • If you can't fix the problem now, let the customer know it will be followed up promptly.
  • Pass the details of the complaint to the person who can deal with it.
  • Contact the customer and think about offering an apology, a discount, voucher or free product.
  • Move quickly - aim to fix the problem within 48 hours.
  • Check that the customer is satisfied and record the outcome.

This complaint handling checklist also appears on a quick reference guide for your counter or desktop (see photo), along with a customer service charter. These are currently out of stock, but you can use the information above to develop your own resource.

A complaint handling checklist can be used in conjuction with a complaint handling policy or procedure and an equal opportunity policy.  Adapt the complaint handling checklist to suit your business.

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