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Training at your workplace

The Equal Opportunity Commission provides training that is tailored to an organisation's needs and particular industry setting. This type of training is usually delivered at the worksite.

The Equal Opportunity Commission can provide training:

  • for individuals (one-to-one) or groups
  • for managers
  • on specific topics (e.g. sexual harassment, disability discrimination, customer service)
  • incorporating your policies
  • to support organisations to conduct their own training

What will it cost?

  • All pre-training consultations are free.
  • Courses held at the Commission attract a fee per participant.
  • Customised training programs attract a fee per program.
  • Fees for presentations to community organisations may be waived or reduced, depending on the circumstances.

For courses held at the Commission, costs appear in the course outlines. All courses include refreshments and full day courses include lunch.

For customised training costs, please contact us.

A priority of the Commission is to support organisations with equal opportunity

In addition to the courses currently on offer, the following are becoming increasingly popular:

Developing your Equal Opportunity Plan

The Commission provides a consultancy service to support organisations with equal opportunity and by working together create a workplace where happy employees and customers make you an employer of choice.

Recommended for: HR consultants and managers

Refresher training for Contact Officers

A short update for your network to discuss the role, the workplace and to identify ways for communicating equal opportunity.

Recommended for: HR consultants and contact officers

Coaching for managers

Support to develop a program for managers which includes a workshop to assist managers to act and deal with inappropriate behaviours.

Recommended for: supervisors, team leaders and managers

Governance with respect

A challenging workshop for community leaders on their ability to positively influence the culture of their organisation. What is your role as an elected member in supporting a culture of respect and fair treatment?

Recommended for: elected Members including councillors, board and committee members

We also offer consultancy in areas such as:

  • Assessing current legislative compliance status.
  • Designing audits for organisations to monitor progress.
  • Reviewing equal opportunity policies and procedures.
  • Training needs analysis and recommendations for improving equal opportunity management practices.

For more information please contact the Equal Opportunity Commission on
(08) 8207 1977 or email eoc@agd.sa.gov.au.

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