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Disability Employment - Advocacy agencies

Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion Inc. - Provides advocacy to enable people with disability to access their community and achieve better education, service provision and employment opportunities.

Disability Advocacy and Complaints Services SA (DACSSA) - Provides support information and advocacy for all people with disability.

Disability Rights Advocacy Services - Operates two advocacy services: ‘Individual’ and ‘Systemic’ advocacy. Is a community organisation and part of the national network of disability advocacy organisations funded by the Australian Government. Services are free.

Independent Advocacy - Advocates for people who have an intellectual disability or who are labelled or treated as having an intellectual disability.

The Brain Injury Network of SA Inc. (BINSA) - Funded by the Australian Government to provide individual, systemic, self-advocacy and legal advocacy. BINSA's primary role is to provide free advocacy support to people with an acquired brain injury and/or their family members to help to safeguard their human and civil rights and gain access to needed specialist, community or generic services.

Citizen Advocacy SA Inc. - Can organise free one-to-one advocacy for a person with an intellectual disability with pressing needs from a suitably skilled citizen who is free from conflict of interest.

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