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Media Release - SA Chiefs on International Women’s Day 2015


March 6, 2015

Less talk, More Action - Make it Happen, say SA Chiefs on International Women’s Day 2015

On International Women’s Day this year, South Australia’s Chiefs for Gender Equity are urging business to “walk the talk” and start taking decisive action to advance gender equity at work.

March 8 marks International Women’s Day 2015, with a theme of “Make it Happen”.

“We constantly hear the business case for gender equity. We know that any organisation that neglects the talent of half the population is at risk of being left behind. Businesses need to act on this, to do what they can
in their sector to improve gender equity, especially at senior levels.” said Con Tragakis, Managing Partner, KPMG.

The SA Chiefs for Gender Equity met this week to make their 2015 Work Plan happen. They will be inviting South Australians to engage in interactive workshops in 2015 designed to deliver action towards achieving gender equity in conjunction with the actions already underway within their own organisations.

Managing Partner, Finlaysons, David Martin said “The Chiefs are making it happen in their own businesses by:

  • improving flexible work and job design
  • increasing the number of women in non-traditional roles, including engineering
  • undertaking gender pay audits
  • asking 50/50, if not, why not, and
  • leading by example

Gender equity will not simply happen over time, we all need to show leadership, make it a priority and take action.”

The call to action by the Chiefs comes after several recent national and international reports that reveal further statistics supporting the case for gender diversity and also showing deterioration in equity between
men and women.

Last month, Bespoke Investment Group revealed that the share prices of US S&P 500 companies with female CEOs outperformed those with male CEOs over the last 12 months.

And data released by the Workplace Gender Equity Agency last month shows that the gender pay gap exists at every level of management across the Agency’s reporting population of over 11,000 employers.

Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, Anne Gale said “Diversity is a business benefit that many organisations are not capitalising on. We encourage employers to take action in 2015 to create greater equity for men and women in SA.”

South Australia’s Chiefs for Gender Equity (the Chiefs) are a group of state based business leaders who, in conjunction with the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commissioner, Anne Gale, recognise the case for gender equity. The Chiefs will be releasing a foundation report in the coming months outlining their commitment, their work to date and their plans for the coming year.

For media enquires please contact:

- David Martin +61 8 8235 7824
- Con Tragakis +61 8 8236 3237
- Commissioner for Equal Opportunity is 0422 007 069

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