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Hypothetical dilemma for students

You believe your lecturer is racist towards you and people from your part of the world. You receive lower marks for your assignments compared to other students, and other students receive more attention in class. You are reluctant to complain for fear that your education might be jeopardised, which would really upset your parents. The institution is the only one offering the course you are studying in South Australia. Furthermore, it is not normally the 'done thing' for people from your culture to complain outside the extended family.

Consider the following:

  • Before taking any action, check whether the institution has existing policies that cover this type of problem.
  • Most tertiary institutions have contact people, student counsellors or a student union available to discuss your concerns confidentially.
  • Confirm that the reason for your poor marks is because of your racial background.
  • Consider whether you may require additional tutoring or help with your studies.
  • Contact the Equal Opportunity Commission for a confidential discussion about your complaint.
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