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International students

As an international student, you have the same rights as other students to be protected from discrimination and sexual harassment. It is unlawful for an education provider to treat you unfairly because of your:

You can complain to the Equal Opportunity Commission if you are discriminated against in South Australia by an education provider, trader or employer.

If you have a problem, making a complaint to the Equal Opportunity Commission is not the only thing you can do. Schools, colleges and universities generally have processes that you can also use to resolve the problem. It is worth trying these first, as you might not need to put in a formal complaint.

If you are discriminated against in a shop or service, it is worth complaining directly to the trader. If you speak or write to the manager, they can sometimes resolve matters.

You can also contact us to discuss your particular situation.

There are many sources of help and advice for international students. Some examples are the Young Workers Legal Service (for issues that arise in employment), school and university counselling services and student unions, and Shine SA (sexual health).

For these and other links, go to our International Students Links page.

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