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Forced retirement

Some workers may feel forced to retire. Their employer may have negative attitudes to older workers and behave so that the older worker feels that they have to retire. This behaviour could include:

  • threatening to retrench or dismiss the worker because of their age
  • training younger workers and not the older worker
  • giving the older worker demeaning, fewer, or low status tasks
  • using medical tests to force the worker to retire
  • using fixed term contracts - it is generally unlawful in Australia to employ older workers on fixed term contracts when younger workers are not
  • withdrawing benefits or stopping accrual of benefits based on years of service - for example, increments or bonuses.

Compulsory retirement because of age is generally unlawful in Australia, under both state and federal laws. If you have been forced to retire because of your age you may be able to lodge an age discrimination complaint with us. See Making a complaint for more information.

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