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Dealing with problems at work

Some workers may experience problems with the behaviour of their co-workers, managers or supervisors. Here are some tips for dealing with unfair treatment at work.

  • Talk to the person who is treating you unfairly. They might be unaware of how their behaviour affects you. If you can, approach the person, tell them how they have made you feel and ask them to stop, the problem may be resolved quickly and easily.
  • Keep records. Record what happened and when.
  • Speak to a manager or supervisor. After listening to your problem, they may be able speak to the person who is treating you unfairly and take appropriate steps to rectify the situation.
  • Refer to your workplace policies. Most workplaces have written policies and procedures you can follow to try to solve problems at work.
  • Talk to your Contact Person. Your workplace may have a contact officer - for example an equal opportunity or occupational health, safety and welfare officer - who can hear your complaint and give you options to deal with it.
  • Speak to a union representative. Union representatives can support and advocate for you.
  • Find out if your employer has an Employee Assistance Program. This is a free and confidential counselling service some employers provide to workers who are having problems at work or personal problems which affect their work.
  • Contact the Equal Opportunity Commission. If you are unable to talk to people at work, you can contact us for advice.
  • Contact SafeWork SA.  SafeWork SA promotes and encourages safe, fair and productive work environments in South Australia and can assist you with workplace problems.

For more information on how to deal with specific issues, see workplace bullying and sexual harassment at work.

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