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Woman not employed because of height restriction behind bar


Stephanie applied for a position as a bar-worker at a city restaurant. After successfully completing a trial shift that lasted four hours, she didn't hear back from the restaurant. When she rang them, she was told the position was filled by someone taller.

Stephanie claimed she had no problems reaching the top shelf of the bar in her five years of working behind bars. Stephanie made a complaint of indirect sex discrimination to the Commission, claiming that a minimum height requirement, unless reasonable, could be more difficult for females to comply with.

The restaurant denied discriminating against Stephanie. They said they chose a better qualified applicant for the job, and it wasn't because he was taller. They admitted to a discussion about her height, but claimed it was in the context of occupational health and safety.

The complaint was settled by the restaurant offering an apology to Stephanie, for any anxiety or offense they may have caused in making comments about her height.

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