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Reference Group Charter

A Reference Group has been established to provide advice to the Review Team on:

  • The conduct of the project at key milestones
  • The promotion of the Review
  • Approaches to maximising staff engagement
  • Addressing issues emerging during the review
  • The clarity, usefulness and factual accuracy of key documents, including the staff survey
  • The practicality of recommendations to achieve intended outcomes

Reference Group Membership includes:

  • Equal Opportunity Commissioner (Chair)
  • Commissioner of SAPOL
  • Deputy Commissioner SAPOL
  • Manager Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
  • Luke Cornelius, Assistant Commissioner Victoria Police
  • Erma Ranieri, Commissioner for Public Sector Employment

The Reference Group Charter can be downloaded below.

Reference Group Charter - Independent Review into Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Predatory Behaviour in SA Police (PDF)

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