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Chiefs for Gender Equity - Gabby Costigan

Gabby Costigan is a Board Member on The Australian-ASEAN Council and very recently stepped down after three years as the Chief Executive Officer for Linfox International Group.
The Australian-ASEAN Council promotes Australia’s interests in South-East Asia by initiating and supporting activities designed to enhance awareness, understanding and links between people, business and institutions in Australia and South-East Asia.
In Gabby’s role as CEO for Linfox she focused on transforming the Linfox International logistics business with an emphasis on strong customer service and the highest standards in safety and integrity across the region. Ms. Costigan has made Linfox Asia a simpler, safer and stronger institution. Linfox Asia has improved the quality and consistency of earnings and enabled growth and progress by delivering supply chain excellence to leading organisations across Asia.
Ms. Costigan has had a distinguished international logistics career with great experience in managing international supply chains. Her experience includes leading roles in the logistics and aviation industries. She is a former Colonel in the Australian Army and has led logistic operations for both the Australian and US governments internationally.
Ms. Costigan has been honored for her military service by the Australian and US Governments and NATO. She is married to Simon and has two children, Honey and Lucas.

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