• About Equal Opportunity

    About Equal Opportunity

    The principles of equal opportunity encourage the detection and elimination of discrimination,
    victimisation and sexual harassment, and to promote a state of equality in government, business
    and across the wider South Australian community.

Discrimination law applies to anyone who is currently a member or is seeking membership to a club or association.
All employers are legally obliged to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace and when hiring or dismissing staff. This section outlines employers obligations and workers rights.
Under the law students have the right to be treated the same as any other student irrespective of personal characteristics.
Discrimination laws also apply when someone looks for accommodation or purchases a property. This section provides guidance in this area.
Customers have a right to be treated fairly when purchasing products and services. This section outlines customer rights and business responsibilities.
Improving access to your business also helps you to meet your legal responsibilities. Under discrimination law, people with disabilities should not be prevented from using public services, areas and facilities