Implementing Outcomes

Implementing Outcomes


An important part of handling a complaint is to deliver agreed outcomes.  Outcomes can include:

  • re-crediting leave
  • disciplining the person being complained about – demotion, transfer, suspension, probation or dismissal
  • disciplining the person complaining if their complaint was malicious or vexatious.

Outcomes will depend on the:

  • severity and frequency of the discrimination or harassment
  • weight of evidence
  • wishes of the person complaining
  • expectations that the person being complained about should have known their behaviour was against your policy or the law
  • existence of any prior incidents.
When a complaint can't be resolved

If there is not enough evidence to prove whether discrimination or harassment has happened, or it is denied, you can still implement an outcome: 

  • remind the staff involved of expected conduct standards
  • consider general awareness training for all staff
  • monitor the situation.