Service provider

Everyone has a right to equal access to goods and services, irrespective of your race, age, caring responsibilities, gender identity, disability, marital or domestic partnership status, pregnancy, race, sex, sexual orientation, or spouse or partner’s identity.

Equal opportunity law applies to withholding goods and services from people or giving them different terms or conditions. It covers:

  • shops and restaurants
  • access to and use of public places
  • transport or travel
  • any profession or trade
  • councils and government departments
  • banks, credit and insurance providers
  • employment agencies
  • scholarships, prizes and awards
  • entertainment and recreation
  • introduction agencies
  • sport, including coaching and umpiring.

As a shop owner or service provider, equal opportunity can help reach more customers and increase sales. Treating customers fairly can help protect against legal action. Eliminating discrimination and harassment is also good for business.

It will help to:

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • increase productivity
  • increase staff morale and retention
  • increase your reputation
  • reduce complaints
  • reduce your risk of legal liability.

This section provides an overview of how discrimination can happen when providing goods and services. It explains the legal responsibilities your business or organisation has to respond to discrimination and harassment, as well as some useful tools to prevent it from happening.