Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision


Our vision is for a flourishing South Australia, enriched by diversity and united in a commitment to inclusiveness and equality of opportunity.

Our Mission

As a leader in the drive for equity and the elimination of discrimination in South Australia, we actively:

  • Engage with the community to raise awareness and promote understanding through our training programmes, community forums, social media, public speaking and by listening;
  • Empower people to explore and resolve discrimination complaints through our alternative dispute resolution process;
  • Advocate for policy and law reform to eliminate all forms of discrimination; and
  • Collaborate with organisations at both state and national level to prevent and address discrimination issues.
Our Values

At the EOC we are passionate about our work that enhances the lives of individuals and communities. Our values are the foundation of what we do and how we do it. The key values that guide our work are:


Our team members are guided by sound ethical principles. We honour the trust that others have in us.  We recognise the impact that our actions may have on others and take responsibility for our mistakes;


We are advocates for equal opportunity but remain unbiased in our dealings with complainants and respondents (working from the principle that most people want to do the right thing by others). We interact with many stakeholders and treat everyone with respect;


We seek out and are responsive to learning opportunities however they arise in order to improve the work that we do. We are innovative and forward thinking in our efforts to carry out our work. We seek new ways of delivering service by collaboration with other leading organisations. We welcome input from the community. We strive to be leaders in our field, in service of a better South Australia;

Workplace leadership

The EOC is a role model for an inclusive, flexible and innovative workplace. As an organisation, we walk our talk. We enjoy rewarding relationships within our team. We demonstrate how embracing diversity, flexibility and continuous learning can enhance an organisation’s performance and the wellbeing of its team members. We believe that this translates across all walks of life.