Consultancy Services

The EOC is well-placed to assist those organisations who wish to develop a diverse and inclusive culture, and be proactive in preventing all forms of discrimination according to best practice. 

The EOC can provide a suite of consultancy services that best match the organisation's needs, providing pathways for sustainable action. 

Training and Advisory Services

As part of the EOCs mandate to oversee the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (SA),  it has developed strategies and tools to assist organisations in establishing inclusive, diverse and productive workplaces. The EOC has extensive experience in implementing initiatives that support gender equity, people with disability, older people and those from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The EOC is able to provide:

  • customised training programs for a wide range of audiences
  • case examples and models for best practice
  • expert advice in the development of policy
  • access to online resources
  • leadership and mentoring programs
  • train-the trainer conflict resolution programs
  • assistance with the implementation of workplace strategies that foster inclusivity and reduce the risk of discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

Independent Reviews, Evaluation and Research

The EOC undertakes specific projects that require in-depth investigation into complex issues related to discrimination. This includes:

  • project planning and all forms of management
  • independent and confidential advice
  • skilled interviewing and running of focus groups
  • data analysis
  • reporting and presentations to senior management
  • review and audit.

Strategic Partnerships

The EOC is recognised as an influential partner in shaping respectful practices through its training, conciliation and project work. The EOC works across government, non-government, business and community sectors to inform and support areas that impact on organisational capacity, productivity and worker wellbeing.

Through high level community engagement and leadership the EOC is able to provide:

  • Think Tanks
  • Public speaking/conference key note address
  • Leadership workshops
  • Strategic planning and system reform
  • Joint research and projects
  • Post graduate programs in equal opportunity for universities including student supervision

White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program

The White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program targets both men and women and empowers them as active bystanders to change organisational culture that fosters violence supportive attitudes. The Program requires extensive staff consultation, engagement in training and review of systems, policies and procedures.

The EOC is the lead agency for SA Public Sector workplaces undertaking White Ribbon accreditation and has to date supported 20 departments through the Program. For business and community groups participating in the Program the EOC is able to provide:

  • presentations to staff, managers and executives
  • assistance with queries at a local level
  • leadership in the development of action plans
  • advice on White Ribbon standards and evidence required for accreditation
  • best practice examples
  • engagement with expert agencies in the field of violence against women
  • options for staff training and education programs
  • extensive experience in working with the Program, with the women’s sector and in primary prevention initiatives

Resourcing and Investment

The EOC recognises and capitalises on the skills and abilities that already exist in workplaces and communities and therefore provides a ‘value-add’ consultancy service. All services outlined above are conducted in collaboration. Consequently, clients will demonstrate a commitment to investing resources and effort at a high level.

Fees are negotiable for each assignment.

For more information:
Lucy Cirocco - Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

(08) 82072252