Advertising Jobs

Advertising Jobs


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Advertising jobs is a good way to attract a wide range of suitable people.To get the best person for the job:

  • specify the skills and abilities required
  • avoid referring to irrelevant personal characteristics
  • advertise widely.

Job advertisements should not suggest preferences that are based on a certain characteristic i.e. man rather than a woman, someone young rather than older, and so on. Instead, use terms such as:

  • 'team leader' or 'supervisor' instead of 'foreman'
  • 'bar attendant' instead of 'barmaid'
  • 'successful track record' or 'proven experience' instead of 'five years experience'.

Advertisements should describe the job and the skills and abilities needed, rather than who can or can't do the job. Avoid any reference to personal characteristics unless they are part of the requirements of the job or an exemption has been awarded to the business by the Equal Opportunity Commissioner. If an advertisement discriminates unfairly, both the employer and publisher, printer or broadcaster of the advertisement, may be held responsible.