Trainees and Apprentices

Trainees and Apprentices


Employers are required to provide trainees and apprentices with a discrimination and harassment-free workplace.

If you wish to hire, terminate or need assistance in managing the performance of trainees or apprentices you may need to seek advice from WorkReady's Regulation and Contract Management Service on 1800 673 097 or the Office of the Training Advocate on 1800 006 488. Both services are free and confidential.

Trainees and apprentices can also contact these services about similar issues.

If there are workplace issues with a trainee or apprentice, or the trainee or apprentice believe they are being bullied or victimised at work, the trainee or apprentice or the employer can apply to the for South Australian Employment Tribunal free compulsory conciliation services.

If matters are not resolved at the conciliation stage a more formal hearing process can provide adjudication of these matters.