Disability Employment Community of Practice

Disability Employment Community of Practice



The Disability Employment Community of Practice is a network of employers that have partnered with the Equal Opportunity Commission to act collectively and individually to increase and sustain employment of people with disability in the South Australian community.


To create a vibrant and disability confident employment sector in South Australia that hires people with disability because it recognises their rights to employment and the strong commercial and business value in their employment.

Terms of Reference

Members of the Disability Employment Community of Practice will:

  • Demonstrate commitment to employing people with disability in their own organisation.
  • Identify barriers to employment for people with disability and drive initiatives, collectively and in their own organisation, to address these barriers.
  • Influence other employers to increase employment of people with disability at all career levels, including senior levels, across all industries.
  • Lead the way as role models for other employers in demonstrating the value of innovative employment policies, programs and practices.
  • Challenge the unconscious bias, myths and stereotypes in the South Australian community about employing people with disability.
  • Share employment best practice, knowledge, learning and expertise with employers/organisations.
  • Promote inclusive employment practices and share disability employment success stories amongst organisational networks.
  • Promote the benefits of hiring people with disability.
  • Give preference in the awarding of tenders, funding and procurement to organisations that demonstrate positive outcomes in employing people with disability.
  • Increase employer awareness of government funded supports for people with disability in employment (NDRC, Job Access, Wage Subsidies etc.)

If you are a private or public sector employer looking to engage in a dynamic learning conversation about increasing and sustaining the employment people with disability in SA and want to link to relevant information, resources and community connections, then contact us to join the Community of Practice.