SAPOL Monitoring Project

SAPOL Monitoring Project


The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) was commissioned by the South Australia Police in 2016 to conduct an independent Review of South Australia Police (SAPOL). The Independent Review Report (Review), completed in December 2016, recommended major changes to combat sex discrimination, sexual harassment and predatory behaviour in the workplace. SAPOL has since commissioned the EOC to independently monitor the implementation of the recommendations and to evaluate whether a change in culture is being achieved. 

Scope of the Monitoring Project

The objective of the Monitoring Project is to provide independent oversight of SAPOL’s implementation of the Review’s recommendations and to measure the impact of the changes on the culture of the workforce.

The Monitoring Project aims to answer the following questions:

  • To what extent has the implementation of the Review’s recommendations  contributed to the desired culture?
  • How successful has SAPOL been in implementing the Review’s recommendations?
  • Are the projects/actions making a difference?
  • How can projects/actions or approaches be improved (if needed)?

The Monitoring Team, along with colleagues at the EOC, will provide a sounding board service to SAPOL about how best to implement the recommendations to assist with achieving the desired outcomes.


Report 1: Progress in the Implementation of Recommendations and Setting the Foundations for Cultural Change (January 2018). 

Report 2: Progress in the Implementation of Recommendations and Changes in Policies, Processes and Systems that Support Cultural Change (September 2018)

Report 3: Progress in the Implementation of Recommendations and Assessment of Capacity and Willingness to Support Cultural Change (May 2019)

Final Report: Change in perceptions, experiences and practices that support gender equality and cultural change in SAPOL

SAPOL Final Report - Executive Summary.pdf

EOC Media Release Final Report- SAPOL Monitoring (March 2020)

Media Release 8 May 2019

Media Release 19 Sept 2018