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Equal Opportunity and You

EO and You - Cover
EO and You Booklet.pdf


This booklet is a guide to the law today and how it affects you as an employer, a worker and an ordinary citizen of South Australia. It gives you information on:

  • what discrimination is against the law
  • what to do if you feel you have been unfairly treated
  • how the law works for you
  • how we can help you.




Equal Opportunity at Work

EO at Work - Cover
EO at Work.pdf


This handbook is an easy-to-use guide to have Equal Opportunity work for you. It is a companion for everyone involved in employment and service -

  • business owners
  • chief executives
  • managers
  • supervisors
  • human resource departments
  • recruitment agencies
  • your Equal Opportunity contact staff.

It gives you practical ways to make Equal Opportunity work for and not against you. It also provides action checklists and templates which will help you make your workplace fairer.


Equal Opportunity Commission fact sheets are currently being updated. They will be added to our resources once finalised.