Disability Inclusion

Disability Inclusion resources


  • The ACE Disability Network - Provides access to training, information and disability resources
  • Job Access - Helps people with disability find and keep jobs, get promoted to better jobs, upgrade or expand their workplace skills, and more.
  • Workers with Mental Illness: a Practical Guide for Managers - A Practical Guide for Managers provides you with information on how to appropriately support workers with mental illness. It also provides you with information about how to develop and promote a safe and healthy work environment for all workers.
  • Brain Injury Network of SA (BINSA)  - An organisation that empowers and supports people living with an ABI, and we deliver specialist services and programs to see them achieve their very best.
  • Citizen Advocacy South Australia - An organisation that promotes, protects and defends the personal welfare and interests of people with intellectual disability.
  • Disability Advocacy and Complaints Service SA - Provides support information and advocacy for all people with disability their families, friends and carers.
  • Independent Advocacy SA - An organisation that stands alongside the people they advocate for, challenging the abuses of their vulnerability and safeguarding improvements in their lives.