• What is Discrimination

    What is Discrimination

    Discrimination is not always wrong but unfair discrimination can be unlawful.
    This section outlines the types of discrimination that are against the law
    and where unlawful discrimination can occur.

We discriminate every day when we make choices. Discrimination is not always wrong but some discrimination is unfair and can be unlawful. This section details what types of discrimination are unlawful.
Equal opportunity law applies to many services and workplaces, in fact it affects us nearly every day. This section details where the law applies.
There are a number of exemptions built into the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (SA) that allow discrimination in specific areas and activities.
This section describes the complaint process once a complaint is lodged and is useful to all parties.
Do you want to make a complaint? This section details the steps you can take when you're ready to lodge a complaint.
Has a complaint been made against you? This section provides information and support for parties who have had a complaint made against them.