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Current Focus


Gender equity underpins everything that the Chiefs do – that means ensuring equal opportunity for women and men.

Our current focus is on the following four areas:

  • Our Leadership Shadow – making sure we walk the talk and model the behaviour we expect to see from our employees and peers. This includes taking a public stand, such as honouring the ‘panel pledge’ and refusing to speak at events where there are no women speakers
  • Flexible work – ensuring that our employees, men and women, have access to working arrangements that enable them to manage their work and life responsibilities
  • Reducing unconscious bias – while having unconscious biases isn’t a bad thing, we need to ensure they don’t have negative impacts. Our brains make thousands of decisions a day – biases let us recognise objects and concepts to act quickly. The problem is when we rely on them to unknowingly deny people opportunities
  • Accountability – we are developing a reporting matrix that enables us to gain insight into emerging issues, helps to monitor our progress and makes us publicly accountable.

In addition, the Chiefs are committed to raising awareness of the gender pay gap and the need for workplace responses to domestic violence.

The Chiefs for Gender Equity (as a group) are WGEA Pay Equity Official Supporters.

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