What EOC can do for your business


How does your organisation stack up? 

At the EOC we work with a range of businesses and organisations in South Australia who want to be proactive about equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. These businesses typically find they are:

  • At risk of receiving complaints of discrimination or harassment
  • Spending time and money on managing complaints
  • Not sure if their business is taking advantage of the benefits of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This could include more diverse and innovative approaches to problem solving, stronger team collaboration or better understanding the needs of a broader customer base.  

Answer the following 6 questions.

If you answer no to any of the them, your business’s workplace culture may need a helping hand.

  1. Does your business have a strategy focused on equality or diversity and inclusion?
  2. Are the members of the leadership group committed to a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion by making a visible effort to support it? Are they willing to hold themselves accountable to make it happen?
  3. Is your business practising strategies to manage unconscious bias?
  4. Does your business  educate employees to make sure they understand your equal opportunity-related policies and what their equal opportunity rights are?
  5. Does your business use equality, diversity and inclusion to identify, attract and retain top talent?
  6. Do employees at your business work flexibly in your workplace, enabling a balance between life and work commitments?

If you answered no to any of these questions, Equal Opportunity Consulting can help. Get in touch on 8207 1977 or send us an email at eo.consulting@sa.gov.au

By working with our EO Consulting team, your business will have insight into what needs to change in your workplace and how you can make it happen. 

Because equality, diversity and inclusion makes good business sense for everyone.