Conciliation at EOC

Conciliation at EOC


Conciliation is bringing people together to settle a problem. This can offer a satisfactory outcome for all.The conciliator will help both parties to try to reach an agreement. The conciliator can't impose a settlement.

The Conciliation Conference is a face-to-face meeting held by the conciliator with the people directly involved in the complaint. The meeting is an opportunity to:

  • talk about the matter and look for ways to resolve it
  • discuss openly, as nothing said or done can be used in further proceedings
  • reach an agreement without admission of liability
  • resolve the problem impartially and confidentially.

Conciliation is a good way to reach agreement. It is faster and cheaper than legal action, and gives both sides some control over the outcome.

Conciliation Conference Process

The Equal Opportunity Commission often receives questions from complainants and respondents who are unsure about the conciliation conference process. This short 6 minute video gives you an overview of how conciliation works at the Commission. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please note that there has been a change to jurisdiction and the Tribunal that now handles Equal Opportunity matters is the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.